The team at Airobotics fuses expertise in aerospace hardware design, robust electronic systems, leading software engineering, and years of experience in commercial drone operations. Among them they have more degrees than employees. Collectively they own 19 dogs and 4 cats, 50% of them find time to groom their beards, and only 50% drive cars to work, while others arrive on motorbikes, bicycles, scooters, electric bikes and trains. This extraordinary team covers most of the ground, aerial, water, summer, winter, in-between-season and extreme sports - with surprisingly low injury rates.



  • Ran Krauss

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Meir Kliner

    VP R&D & Co-Founder

  • Eitan Rotberg

    VP Delivery, Customer Support & Regulation

  • Yahel Nov

    VP Business Development

  • Tsipi Kagan


  • Kobi Israeli

    VP DNA

  • Efrat Fenigson

    VP Marketing

  • Matan Yemini

    VP Operations

  • Gilad Yacubovich

    General Counsel & VP Corporate Development

  • Omri Rahamim

    VP Global HLS & GM Israel

  • Rami Shaham

    Director of Project Management

  • Niv Russo

    Head of Regulatory Affairs

  • Koby Molcho

    Head of Software Development

  • Koby Burshtein

    Logistics Director

  • Joe Urli

    Director of Flight Operations

  • Doron Krauss

    Head of T&E

  • Shahar Ben David

    Head of HW Technologies

  • Shalev Fallach

    Chief  Engineer

  • Elan Frantz

    Head of Research

  • Amit Geller

    Head of Staff

  • Yuval Fox

    Head of Mechanics

  • Yossi Elbaz

    Head of Motion & Control

  • Guy Avitov

    Head of UAV Design

  • Brenton Welford

    Head of Market Research

  • Issac Sela

    Head of Certifications & Regulations

  • 9
    Igal Ben Yair

    Electronics Engineer

  • Nadav Yemini

    Director of Projects

  • Orit Kasif

    HR Manager

  • Roi Miron

    Director of Airworthiness

  • Asaf Elan

    Site Manager

  • Ran Shen Tal
    Ran Shen Tal

    Head of Gimbal

  • Regina Ivgi

    Software Engineer

  • Shalom Crown

    Software Engineer

  • Shira Meltzer

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Boaz Kriger

    Corporate PMO

  • Yonatan Sherman
  • Avia Levi

    Director of Command Center

  • Yaniv Caraco

    Head of SCM

  • Rotem Ronen

    Configuration Cont.

  • Nitzan Beck

    Marketing Manager

  • Bnaya Davidson

    Field Operator

  • Eitan Davidesko

    Field Operator

  • Amir Haimovich

    System Administrator

  • Ariel Dror

    Software Engineer

  • Yoel Temin

    Head of GIS

  • Tal Yiftah


  • Annette Abergel

    QA Manager

  • Itay Levitan

    Electronics Engineer

  • David Shiri

    Head of Purchase

  • Ben Margi

    IL Field Technician

  • Sharon Friedhandler
    Sharon Friedhandler

    Admin & Logistics

  • Dmitry Golikov

    Big Data Developer

  • Tal Golan

    Site Manager

  • Guy Levin

    Software Engineer

  • Yehuda Sadrina
    Yehuda Sadrina


  • Inbal Assaf

    Market Research Manager

  • Alex Slepoi

    SW Team Leader

  • Ben Rozenrot

    TF Manager

  • Tom Guri

    Pilot in Command

  • Johan Dreyer

    Project Manager

  • Omer Reuveni


  • Yael Kadshai

    Pilot in Command

  • Rei Avishai

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Alexander Vilkomir

    BD Engineer

  • Adya Uval

    Software PMO

  • Tomer Smadja


  • Vadim Rutenberg
    Vadim Rutenberg

    Electronics Engineer

  • Ilan Azaria
    Ilan Azaria

    GIS Operator

  • Mor Salvi

    Personal Assistant to CEO

  • Nadav Liberman

    Pilot in Command

  • Daniel Zion

    Pilot in Command

  • tanya
    Tanya Drokin

    Administrative Manager

  • Shahar Nissim

    Supply Chain Planning & Control

  • Gal Algeba

    Pilot in Command

  • Dafna Kaufman

    Operations PM

  • Nimrod Palta

    Pilot in Command

  • Arbel Moshkoviz
    Arbel Moshkoviz

    System Operator

  • Tom Oded

    Front End Developer

  • yael_m
    Yael Miron


  • Nimrod Mor

    Field Operator

  • Kim Vinocur

    Pilot in Command

  • Amit Alcalay

    Head of Manufacturing

  • Uriel Lustig

    Software Product Engineer

  • Ben Resnick
    Ben Resnick

    Pilot in Command

  • Tanya Barak

    QA Engineer

  • Dotan Berger
    Dotan Berger

    Pilot in Command

  • Alon Ehrenfeld

    Test Engineer

  • Jenny Umansky


  • Ido Levi
    Ido Levi

    Pilot in Command

  • Omer Zeevi

    Chief System Instructor

  • Nir Sella


  • Gilad Sendovski

    EUI Engineer

  • Daniel Mashraki

    Field Operator

  • moshiko
    Moshe Oshri

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Oren Ben-Haim

    Field Operator

  • Michael Bogomolny

    Technical Writer

  • Yoni Sagy

    Pilot in Command

  • Talor Amosi

    Field Operator

  • Eli Mittelman

    Mechanical Integrator

  • Amit Noyman

    Software Engineer

  • Yuval Vahab

    System Operator

  • Alejandro Elzholz

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Netta Donchin

    Learning and Development

  • Dana Niazov

    Assistance Controller

  • yakov
    Yaakov Megidesh


  • Eitan Frankel

    Field Operator

  • Yoav Goldman

    Electronics Engineer

  • Omer Maymon

    Pilot in Command

  • Yoav Gross

    Power & Firmware Engineer

  • Ran Kohn

    Electronics Engineer

  • Roi Lev

    Finance Manager

  • Cheli Sapir

    Soldering & Wiring Leader

  • Yahel Moyal

    Field Operator

  • Amir Ramaty

    Software Engineer

  • Omri Shilon

    Reliability Engineer

  • Pavel Simin


  • Ariel Veltchev

    Field Operator

  • Noam Zalt

    Chief Flight Instructor

  • Coral Haelion


  • Aviram Azarzar
    Aviram Azarzar

    Composite Manufacture Engineer

  • Binyamin Bejell

    Mechanical Integrator

  • Guy Hanoch

    R&D Engineer

  • Ofri Zvi

    Graphic Designer

  • Guy Lahav

    Mechanical Integrator

  • Ziv Mersha

    Practical Engineer & Qualified Electrician

  • Yehoshua Ben Giat


  • Yossi Agubal

    Production Manager

  • Yaron Yaakobov

    Electronics Engineer

  • Matan Cesleris

    Procurement Coordinator

  • Niv Tzidon

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Kiril Berman

    Software System Administrator

  • Roei Sadgat

    Integration Engineer

  • Zed
  • Bamba 5
  • Petel
  • beri2
  • loei2
  • robin2
  • Ruby