Benefits of the Drone Inspection Solution 

A more efficient, cost-effective and safe inspection process that gives better, closer monitoring and control, while you continue your business operations as usual.

Industrial inspections, routine or otherwise, mostly involve the use of ladders, ropes and rigs to scale large machinery and towers, oversee processes and locate bottlenecks. As well as being risky for inspectors, the process requires machinery to be shut down, resulting in significant financial implications. Airobotics' dynamic drone solution offers inspectors a professional tool for viewing difficult-to-access areas, giving them a safer, more cost-efficient way of gaining greater insight into operation-critical processes. By creating a completely automatic platform the drone is autonomously deployed and landed, with pre-defined missions and applications, to collect aerial data which the system analyzes, providing a clear picture of difficult-to-access machinery. The Airobotics solution is eliminating the logistics involved in drone operations to provide reliable, on-demand aerial data, premium processing and analytics capabilities, while simplifying inspection processes and enabling work to be carried out as required. Automated Gas Inspection can be a significant safety addition to Industrial Facilities such as: chemical plants, refineries and manufacturing sites.


Automated Drone Solution for Inspection Automated Drone Solution for Inspection


To find out how you can use Airobotics for drilling and blasting, download the paper below.

Benchmarking and improving the blast process is essential to improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. Drones are uniquely qualified to collect data throughout the blasting process, equipping engineers with information to refine each blast in the aforementioned areas.

The blasting process is directly involved in segmenting high-grade ore, sent for further processing, from waste, which is redirected to waste stockpiles.

How can Airobotics help with drill & blast processes? 

  • Manage blast performance, volumes, swell factor & more
  • Receive the pre and post-blast digital elevation model of an area
  • Collect detailed blast behavior for analysis
  • Obtain near real-time measurement of particle size, distribution of muck piles, benchmarking blast performance, and informing downstream comminution processes